Living Room Bedroom Ideas: Making Both Rooms Look Nice in One Big Space

It has never been wrong to have two rooms in one space. Realizing living room bedroom ideas is not something impossible at all. As simple as how it seems, you have one big space divided into two; one for living room and one for bedroom. How you divide them can be as simply as possible too. There is surely no need for raising new wall just to separate two rooms. There are cheap ways worth to try.

Living Room Bedroom Ideas

Living Room Bedroom Ideas

How You Make Both Rooms Separated Nicely

Since you are going to realize two rooms in one space, there is no need for you to include excessive living room bedroom furniture. Pick only ones that serve the purpose of each. For bedroom side, you can just include the bed and its bedding, nightstand, dresser and its mirror, and chest. For the living room side, you can include sofa and its table, carpet, and TV on TV stand with its storage.

Keep the decors of living room bedroom ideas to minimum but not too devastated either. This will help make airy feel in a space where two rooms are there side by side. Now then, what do we have to do next? Surely, you don’t want to be seen sleeping on bed while there are guests coming in, right? So, we need living room bedroom dividers to consider except for making new wall.

There is no way for us to build new wall in the room that has already been built. As an alternative, you can consider choosing screen instead. If not, you can always be sure to go simple with long curtain only. Either way, both dividers can be folded or spread depending on whether you want the room exposed or closed. These living room bedroom ideas would look just fine for such room.

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