Living Room Chandelier and How We Make the Best Choice for Living Room Design

What do you imagine when you hear about living room chandelier? In the past, this light hung from the ceiling would be one with candles circling the steel ring. Would we have to choose such light for modern homes? You don’t have to stick to that choice actually for there is a great variety of it to choose one from. Let’s see some examples to consider in this opportunity then.  I hope this can help you to choose.

Chandeliers of the Traditional and Modern Styles

Choosing living room luminaries is not about choosing the light itself only. In home design, you can’t possibly do so without considering the others. So, in order to pick the best chandelier, you will need to consider the kind of living room you are realizing. If it is farm house styled, the best chandelier to go with it would be none other than the traditional one. Today’s traditional type is different though.

Just because living room chandelier is styled traditionally, it does not mean that you will have real candles to illuminate the living room. Today’s traditional chandelier light is designed to be powered by electricity even with still traditional design intact. Other than the design of candles on ring though, the candles might have been designed on the top of curved steels that go upwards.

Living Room Chandelier

Living Room Chandelier

How about the modern ones then? Since they are modern, there will be no candle design for the chandelier. There are many designs of it to mention, but one of them would be dandelion chandelier. Its design has branches of steel from the middle. Together, they make round shape that resembles dandelion. This living room chandelier is perfect for cramped space with its simplicity. It will adds more airy feel if you get one with white bulb and light.

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